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Monday to Friday 10AM - 9PM
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Root Canal Treatments

Our teeth are made up of 3 layers – enamel (hardest substance in the human body), dentin, and a soft pulp which contains all the blood vessels and nerve fibers. Dental decay or caries is an infection of the tooth with bacteria that invade the tooth from the outside –in, starting from the enamel, followed by dentin and then the pulp. That is why it is best to catch the decay early and remove it, replacing it with a tooth colored filling material. If this is not done in time, the decay will progress to the dentin and then the pulp. As the pulp is soft, as soon as it is infected the decay spreads all around the pulp and even to the bottom of the tooth, sometimes causing excruciating pain and abscesses. In such cases, emergency root canal or endodontic therapy is needed to provide instant relief to patients. In root canal therapy, the infected pulp is removed and the chamber is thoroughly cleaned, followed by filling it with an inert rubber like material called gutta percha. It is highly recommended to follow a root canal with a crown (root canals remove the infection and save the tooth, but make them more prone to fracture if not crowned in time).

What You Need To Know


Our specialist, Dr. Suruchi uses the best equipment and techniques to remove the infected root canal tissue and fill it with an inert rubber like material (Gutta Percha).

Cost of Ignorance

If not treated, the infection will progress to the bone below the tooth, and can cause huge bone loss, abscesses, etc. which can be extremely painful and also very damaging to adjacent teeth.

Dr Suruchi Kadoo Deshpande

BDS General Dentist

Dr Suruchi completed her graduation from Sharad Pawar Dental College and Hospital, India in 2007. She has over 13 years of experience in the field of dentistry.

Her area of expertise include root canal treatments, dental restorations, extractions, cleaning and whitening of teeth. She has completed an advanced training in anterior esthetic restorations from Mumbai and has special interest in smile designing. She is also well versed in management and treatment of kids.

She is an active participant in many CE courses and has publications in international journals. She believes in updating her knowledge and skills.

Apart from practicing dentistry Dr Suruchi loves to read and paint.